How to Tackle Big Career Decisions

You have a big career decision to make. Maybe you need to decide what kinds of jobs to apply for. Maybe it’s deciding what educational path to take, or whether to leave a current job.

If you’re unsure how to make a good decision, you may need to consider a larger perspective.

You could:

  • Think of someone you respect for their accomplishments and good thinking. Ask them to spend some time with you. Perhaps they could have coffee or tea with you before they go to work, or you could take a walk at a local park. Describe your dilemma to this person and ask for their advice. Be sure to write down their suggestions, and later, let them know what actions you took.
  • Ask others about how they make big decisions. Try out some of their techniques.
  • Explore the Ted Talks playlist of Talks to Watch When You Have a Big Decision to Make.
  • Try both a logical and a non-logical method to examine the problem. For example, you can create a “T-chart (thanks, Ben Franklin!) with arguments in favor of the decision (“Pros”) in the left column and arguments against (“Cons”) in the right column. For a non-logical approach, make a drawing of the problem with your non-dominant hand, or listen to a playlist of songs that inspire you, or float in some warm water while imagining the best possible outcome.

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