Top 5 Job Search Myths You Need To Know

What “everyone knows” about finding a job may be wrong, outdated, or a waste of precious time. It’s time to re-examine some of these common myths about job searching:

  1. More is better: the more places you apply, the better your chances, says the myth. Most often, this leads people to value quantity over quality and to neglect networking – a big mistake. In today’s job market, employers want to hire people who 1) understand and care about what the company does, and 2) can make a case for how they can be valuable. It takes time and preparation to tailor your presentation for each employer.
  2. It’s all about the job boards – most job hunters spend 80% of their time searching and responding to online job postings. Don’t ignore job boards, but unless you see something that is an obvious fit, treat them more as a source of information about who’s hiring and less as your most likely route of getting a job. Many, perhaps most, jobs are never posted or already filled by the time of posting, so understanding the hidden job market is key.
  3. My resume speaks for itself – probably not, unless you’ve carefully targeted it. Most hiring managers are not willing to figure out how you’re a good match from a generic resume, so find a way to make your resume clearly relevant to their company and their needs.
  4. And your company does – what? Your resume, cover letter, and interview responses need to show understanding of what the company is all about. Anything less suggests a lack of enthusiasm and preparation.
  5. The best candidate will get the job – only if “best candidate” means the person who does their homework, networks with people inside the company, and convincingly presents how they can contribute.

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