Building Your Professional Brand Statement

In the work world, what others think of you can determine whether you’re hired, promoted, selected for special training – or not. You can seize the initiative and help manage others’ opinions of you by using the tools of professional branding. Most people don’t like the idea of self-marketing, but the creation of a professional brand doesn’t have to reek of hype or ego – it can be a clear and concise way of communicating, this is who I am and what I can contribute.  A professional brand statement (and versions thereof) can be used in a variety of ways:  on your LinkedIn profile, in networking situations, during interviews and written on your resume or cover letter.

A professional brand usually begins with a sentence or two stating your focus and strengths.  Begin by writing down the following:

  • One or two qualities that describe you
  • An area of focus in your work
  • What you’re good at

For example, “I’m a dependable, strategic project planner, good at motivating a team to do their best.”

Even if you are just embarking on your career path or making a career pivot, you can create a brand statement to help communicate your direction.

For example, a marketing professional studying data science at UCLA Extension: “With a background in social media marketing, I am seeking to leverage my knowledge and skills in machine learning and big data to assist on projects using predictive analytics in the entertainment industry.”

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