New UCLA Extension Courses to Strengthen Your Written Communication Skills

Verbal and written communication skills are fundamental to career success.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook 2021 Spring Update, communication continues to be highly ranked as a key attribute employers seek on a candidate’s resume.  With remote work opportunities on the rise, this Forbes article also highlights communication as essential to the Top 25 Soft Skills Remote Workers Need In 2021.

To strengthen your written communication skills, check out these two new course offerings at UCLA Extension:

WRITCOM 701.1E Writing with Confidence (Reg# 383102) – Enrollment Opens on Sept. 11

Whether your daily life involves tweets or texts, emails or letters, work memos or other professional documents, your daily life involves writing! This three-hour introductory workshop serves as launchpad for anyone wishing to increase confidence in their writing and to learn about supportive resources available in the Written Communication curriculum. Workshop participants engage in discussions and writing exercises about potential inhibitions and discomforts when writing, goals for strengthening their writing, and ways to achieve those goals. Students leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to improve writing skills through relevant courses in the Written Communication curriculum, and to write with greater confidence. All levels of writers are welcome.

WRITCOM X 401 Clear and Descriptive Writing (Reg# 383101) – Enrollment is Currently Open

Clear and Descriptive Writing focuses on the basics of sentence and paragraph, providing tools to enable clear, focused, and descriptive essays and other writing objectives. Starting with focused sentence exercises, you move toward creating clear, thoughtful, and organized paragraphs that employ tone, voice, and diction. As well as completing exercises and writing assignments, you collect examples of writing—both effective and ineffective—to present to the class in order to share and examine writing strategies. Toward the end of the class, students develop one essay-length piece of writing. In workshop groups, you hone this piece and help classmates improve their work. You leave with skills you can apply in various settings and with different writing projects.

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