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INTERVIEWING: Complete Guide + Bonus Section

Ready to Interview? Make sure to consult this comprehensive guide including interview ANSWERS, brought to you by The Muse.

By Maria Dien
Maria Dien
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Interview Angst? Here’s What NOT to Say in an Interview

As someone who’s been on both sides of an interview, I’ve heard a lot of things that were better left unsaid. I’m sure the speaker meant well (usually), but nerves just got in the way (guilty as charged!). But sometimes …

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Turning Setbacks into Success: Leveraging Reference Letters Beyond Job Loss

In the competitive job-hunting landscape, the power of a well-crafted reference letter cannot be overstated. These documents serve as glowing endorsements of your skills, character, and work ethic, often tipping the scales in your favor during the hiring process.

Today, …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Negotiating a Salary in a Career Pivot

What if you have little experience in your new career of choice? Fear not! Here are Ivy Exec’s salary negotiation tips for those with minimal related experience:

Many employers prefer candidates with work experience, but they may sometimes have entry-level …

By UCLA Extension Career Services
UCLA Extension Career Services Career Counselor
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Professional Networks

Strong professional connections are a vital element of career growth. Networking with the right people can help you bag an executive position or retain one. It gives you a fresh perspective, which comes in handy when you want to prove …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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