Daniella Southgate Design

Daniella Southgate’s interior design style goes beyond the obvious cultural connections, to create a more nuanced, but still very natural narrative. She begins with a producers’ pragmatism and attention to detail, often creating custom furniture pieces to get just the right fit and feel. Custom upholstery and window treatments also allow more options with fabric, color, pattern and texture. (The final cost of a custom piece is typically about the same price as an already made piece of similar quality, but custom ensures the exact fit, the right look, and something unique.) Southgate’s extensive travel experiences, combined with her theater directing degree, give her a better understanding of how to use light, space, history, and culture for dramatic effect. She travels often, and in every city she visits, whether it’s London, Charleston, Paris, Lisbon, Marrakch, San Francisco, or Mexico City, she picks through the local flea markets, art galleries, and showrooms, on a global hunt for that something special to bring back to her clients. So many times it’s these found pieces that add just the right bit of interest to the mix.