Jennifer Miller Studio

With a deep appreciation for the influence surroundings have on how we live, it is Jennifer’s mission to integrate beautiful, thoughtful design into the daily lives of her clients.  Her authentic understanding of people’s unique needs coupled with a sophisticated eye for design and style allows her to create environments reflective of each of her client’s individuality.

Jennifer’s love for design began at a young age.  She holds vivid memories standing painting at an easel as well as rearranging her bedroom furniture to create a more pleasing layout as soon as she was strong enough to do so.   This early found passion impacted her to seek out degrees in art history, painting and interior design.  Her education along with extensive world travel directly influences her work bringing an eclecticism of old and new together.

Each project is seen as a foundation for a setting to create and experience daily life.  By carefully choosing the right balance of space, texture, light and color the result is not only seen, but felt.  Upon entering a home Jennifer has completed the words serene, comfortable and understated elegance are often used to describe it.  The artwork, object and furniture she creates have the same sensibility through just the right mix of color and elements.

Jennifer opened her offices in 2010 after spending 14 years with three well known, award-winning design firms.  Jennifer leads all design projects and is a central figure from beginning to completion.  Projects over the years have allowed her to work all over the country as well as Europe encompassing a wide range of experiences for Jennifer, including large estates, urban dwellings and charming bungalows.