BruinView Online Job Board

Students actively enrolled in a Certificate* Program and Extension Alumni with an earned Gold Certificate can subscribe to BruinView, the UCLA Career Center online job board where employers across industries post job and internship opportunities at all career levels.

Subscription Details and Benefits:

Actively Enrolled Certificate Students (Paid Candidacy Fee) UCLA Extension Alumni (Earned Certificate)
Subscription Fee FREE  $30 for 6-months (renewable)
Access to Job Fairs hosted by UCLA Career Center FREE with BruinView account FREE with BruinView account
Online Resume Critique Service $60 per resume critique $60 per resume critique
To access BruinView for Extension go to:  – Always use this link to log-in.  If you try to log in via the Career Center website, your log in credentials will not work.
You need to Register with BruinView first to create an account. To Register you will need to provide the following information:
o   Your Extension Student ID – Including the Letter “X”
o   You create your User Name – pick something easy to remember!
o   Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Contact Information exactly as what you provided for our student records
o   Answer “No” for the question about “Do you have a UCLA Degree”

*Access to BruinView is available to Certificate students and alumni only, including the Teacher Credential program.  Non-Certificate students and students enrolled in Specializations are currently not eligible for access to BruinView.

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