Handshake Online Job Board

Students actively enrolled in a Certificate Program and Extension Alumni with an earned Gold Certificate can subscribe to Handshake, the UCLA Career Center online job board where employers across industries post job and internship opportunities at all career levels.

  • Handshake access is FREE for current enrolled Certificate Students (with paid candidacy)
  • Certificate Graduates (program completed) can access Handshake via paid subscription, $30/6-months

Please note that Extension Certificate Handshake subscribers are not eligible for the UCLA Career Center workshops, advising appointments or on campus interviews.  To schedule a career advising appointment with UCLA Extension Career Services, please email careers@uclaextension.edu.  


Before registering, please review these safety tips to avoid fraudulent employers.  UCLA & UCLA Extension pre-screens employers, however, we cannot guarantee that every employer and posting you encounter is legitimate.  If you suspect that a posting is fraudulent, do not click on any links or provide any personal information.

Step 1: Create a UCLA Logon ID (also called BOL) 


  1. Go to https://accounts.iam.ucla.edu
  2. Click on “Create a UCLA Logon ID” (lower left-hand side of screen).                                                                   
  3. Read Terms of Services, Your Responsibilities, and Consequences of Misuse. Check the Box stating agreement to terms of services and then click on “I agree to the Terms of Use”.
  4. Indicate if you have a 9 Digit UCLA ID Number (UID):  Select ‘I do not have a 9 digit UCLA ID Number’.                   
  5. Follow the prompts to create your account:
    1. Make sure to enter your First Name and Last Name EXACTLY as indicated on your UCLA Extension Student Record – you can view this on your Student Portal.
    2. Use lowercase letters for your UCLA Logon ID and activate MFA (required).
  6. Congratulations, you now have a BOL account!  Make sure to write down/save your username/password. You will use you UCLA Logon ID to log onto Handshake.

Please note:  Step 1 is only for first-time, new registrations. If you are a Certificate Graduate renewing your paid subscription, please skip to step 2.
For current enrolled Certificate Students (with paid candidacy, if you already registered and lost access, please email careers@uclaextension.edu or call 310-267-1317. 

Step 2.  Register  (then wait 24 hours before initial login)

  1. Go to https://sa.ucla.edu/CC/CareerServices/UserIdentification
  2. Sign in using your BOL account username and password that you created in step 1.
  3. After signing in, you will be prompted to register because you a new user.
  4. Since you are an Extension student you will get a message saying that Handshake can’t find you in the system and to click on “I’m an Extension student/alumnus”
  5. The system will then prompt you to put in your:
    1. UCLA Extension Student ID (starts with the letter X, log in to your UCLA Extension student portal account to locate the number).
    2. Email address (must be the primary email on your UCLA Extension Student Account).                         
  6. Click “Submit”. The system will ask you to confirm your email address. Please select the confirmation link that was sent to the email address you used to sign up on step #5.
  7. After confirming your email address, the system will take 24 hours to process your registration. You should be able to log into Handshake – https://ucla.joinhandshake.com/ – the following day.                                                                                                                                                                     
  8. For UCLA Extension Certificate Alumni,  after confirming your email address, you will be prompted to make a payment in order to access Handshake. The system will take 24 hours to process your payment.  You should be able to log into Handshake – https://ucla.joinhandshake.com/ – the following day.

I M P O R T A N T:   WAIT 24 HOURS  before signing into Handshake!

After you have registered, (including 24 hr processing time), you can directly access Handshake at https://ucla.joinhandshake.com/.

Make sure to click on “UCLA Click Here” and use the UCLA Logon ID you created in step 1.  Do not use the email option. It will not work.

If you have any question or have trouble registering, please email careers@uclaextension.edu or call 310-267-1317.

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