Figuring Out the Missing Puzzle in Your Job Search

If you’re job searching, but not getting interviews, it might be time to take another look at how you’re marketing yourself and where you’re spending your time.

Think about:

  • What kinds of jobs are you applying for? If you can’t make a clear case for how you’re qualified, you might need to change strategies.
  • How are you using networking in your job search? Job searches that rely heavily on responding to online job postings can be problematic.
  • Are your resume and cover letter well targeted to each job? If not, your materials may be consigned to either the “black hole” of an Applicant Tracking System (which won’t put you into the candidate pool unless you’ve matched specific criteria) or the wastebasket of a hiring manager who gave your resume the six-second look and didn’t see a match.

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By InsideTrack Career Coaching
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